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At Outdoor Shower Guys, we offer outdoor shower design, installation, repair and maintenance to your satisfaction. Out outdoor shower designs come in the form of elegant custom waterfalls, enclosures, camping showers, stand-alone contractor built showers. All these outdoor showers are available at price ranges that are within reach. Our highly qualified personnel understand the concept of design and installation, thanks to decades of experience in carrying out this work for our customers. You can reach us 888-669-6064 to enquire or learn about the various aspects of outdoor shower services and how you can benefit for your time, effort and money. We will also help you make a reasonable budget for the design and installation of the outdoor shower door your home or commercial enterprise.


Customer-oriented outdoor shower Services

At Outdoor Shower Guys, outdoor showers are made with the customer in mind. From design to the installation, all the additional features and enhancements are put into consideration so that you are satisfied with the quality and standard that we subscribe to. You can count on us to meet your specific requirements so that you get tailor-made solutions to bathroom. Acquiring your kind of outdoor shower is like betting on your investment. This is one safe bet in that you are guaranteed returns for your time, money and effort. Talk to us for more information on how you can maximize your returns through our luxurious outdoor showers. There are many other important issues we address in regard to outdoor showers.



Have you come across rude, dishonest, careless and drunk technicians? This is a common occurrence in the industry where some unsupervised personnel fail to live up to the expectation of a client. Our personnel will not swear at you, insult you or work haphazardly. They are well disciplined and will carry out their work efficiently. In exceptional cases when this happens, you will be entitled to a free service from us.

For these and any other such services, please contact Outdoor Shower Guys on 888-669-6064.

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Repair work is very important for any installation work done. We are no exception in this undertaking and will therefore ensure that all the necessary repair work is done to your satisfaction. In our job contract, we have a clause that specifies that you will get a warranty for the repair work being carried out. Where the repair work fails to measure up, you will receive repeat work at no charge on your part. To confirm this among other vital details, contact us on 888-669-6064.

Replacement install

Replacement install services are aimed at insuring that any installations carried out on your outdoor shower function as per the specifications. In the event they fail perform, you will be entitled to a repeat installation at no additional cost. You will also be entitled to a refund in case you opt for it in lieu of replacement install. Our technicians are however careful in their installation work and such a case may not arise. We are thorough with our undertaking and only in exceptional situation will this occur.

For a professional quote, kindly call 888-669-6064 to book an appointment for consultation with our industry leaders.

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